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Mich um mich selbst kümmern

Me Time

Taking time out for yourself on a regular basis is difficult for you? You wish for a more individual support? In this 8-week program we focus on you. We work on your personal challenges. With this mindfulness training we bring more time for you back into your everyday life and redirect your life in the way you want it to go - this ight be especially important when you have a lot of responsibilities. 

I am looking forward to working with you!

MBSR Training (Group)

This 8 week course allows for a introduction or a deepening into mindfulness practice. In the group setting we practice together and exchange our experiences. --> Groups are run in German. English groups on request.

We learn together and from each other. 



Psychologisch-achtsame Begleitung

Psychological-Mindful Guidance

The 1:1 guidance supports you with individual challenges - for example, questions about meditation practice, changes, special life events or the desire for mindful inspiration on the path of self-development. In mindful reflection we have the opportunity to gain insights into our lives. Sessions can be booked individually.

Achtsamkeit für pädagogisches Fachpersonal

This is a course format currently only available in German. However, you are welcome to enquire for a course in English for teaching or educational staff. I am looking forward to finding a solution with you!