So simple...

Being mindful is actually quite simple... 
...but not always easy and easy to forget.

But fortunately we can always remind ourselves. And each other!

For example, I have created the „Locker leben mit Achtsamkeit“ meetings,
where we can meetto exchange and share on a certain topic - for now only in German. zu einem bestimmten Thema auszutauschen.

Also you can find me on Facebook and YouTube with little mindfulness exercises, ideas and other interesting links.

If the practice of mindfulness feels right for you, then in the close future have a look in the Tiny Shop (Coming soon!) here on my Website. Soon there will be e-books, guided meditation audios and other exercises for download available. 

There will also be small "Thank-Yous" for free download available. Until I have launched the Tiny Shop please write me an Email and I will send you Atemanker, Hand auf’s Herz or kleine Atempause as mp3 (for now only in German). The links bring you to the YouTUbe videos to have a listen.ören.

If you want, you can go to About me or also YouTube to learn more about my journey. For example what has brought me to a foreign country, which role mindfulness plays for me and how I do my first steps of running my own business.

If you like to learn more about my qualifications and my professional development check out LinkedIN .

Gespräche und Infoveranstaltungen

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Eine weitere Möglichkeit, um sich an das Achtsamsein zu erinnern, ist sich kleine Erinnerungsnotizen zu machen, am Spiegel, Kühlschrank oder im Handy.
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