Matter of the Heart

Here I have listed the topics that are particularly close to my heart. I bring this professional and personal experience into the counselling and mindfulness courses as required.

  • Interpersonal Neurobiology
  • Equity
  • Rainbow Family
  • LGBTQ+
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • ADHD (Link zum Artikel)
  • (Co-)Dependents
  • Spirituality
  • Nature
  • Permaculture
  • Simple Living
  • Interconnectedness
  • Yoga (Retreat-Video)

About me

I grew up in Germany, in the Ruhr area of the 80s and 90s. I went to school there and after finishing school, I completed my training as a pediatric nurse at the university hospital in Essen. The time between my training and my studies of psychology I spent pilgrimage on the Camino de SantiagoBackpacking through Spain and Portugal, an internship and working as a night watchman in a nursing home for the elderly and in invasive ambulatory respiratory care.

unter Baum9-cut

With the beginning of my studies of psychology at the Julius-Maximilians University in Würzburg, a lifelong dream came true for me. The experiences, adventures and friendships I made during this time are something very special. Among other things because I was already able to spend several weeks on several occasions travelling, including to South Africa. I found my first job after my studies as an employed psychologist in a practice for child and youth psychiatry and psychosomatics. I learned a lot during this time, during which I was able to provide therapeutic and counselling support to children, young people and adults. According to plan, I also began training as a psychological psychotherapist and the PIA-(Psychotherapist in Training) work to be completed in psychiatry. But then... everything turned out differently.

Off to South Africa

The desire to emigrate to South Africa with my partner in order to start a family there by adoption gained the upper hand. So I quit my education and moved to Johannesburg, South Africa 7 years ago, left the regular working life, the secure professional career as a psychotherapist and the relative security in the German social system behind and started a life in a foreign country, without a permanent job in prospect and with only a few savings... I gave myself one year. And...

...I was lucky: I tried my hand at self-employment, but found it very difficult, but then found a job at the German School in Johannesburg, where the in-house support centre had just opened. Then our daughter came to us. And Everything could not have been better, wären da nicht… 

All diese Dinge, mit denen ich vorher noch nie oder nur kaum kofrontiert gewesen war: Visumsprobleme, nicht-funktionierende Bürokratie, Ausländer sein, unbekannte Lebensumstände und Gepflogenheiten im neuen Land, Kulturschock, Kriminalität, Heimweh, neue Freunde finden (und halten), mit Familie und Freunden im Heimatland in Kontakt bleiben, Mama werden, Partnerschaft pflegen, Besuch aus Deutschland empfangen und eigene Reisen im Ausland und nach Deutschland planen… da kam einiges zusammen! Dazu, das Gefühl, mit niemanden in meinem Herkunftsland über all die Schwierigkeiten sprechen zu können, denn schlieI had put this onto myself... I know now that now, roads abroad are stony and full of potholes and it is not uncommon to feel the desire to just drop everything...

The path of mindfulness

Fortunately, at the beginning of my time in South Africa, I also started to intensively explore Mindfulness meditation (Link zum YouTube Video: Was ist Achtsamkeit?) .Without the growing mindfulness in all areas of my life, many a visit to the visa office or adoption court would have been even more demotivating and desperate. However, I learned to react with more calmness and calmness to the challenges that came my way and to enjoy the moment more than before.en. Ich fühlte mich durch den Wandel meines Lebens durch Achtsamkeit so reich beschenkt, dass ich dies mit anderen Menschen teilen wollte. 

Andere Menschen darin zu unterstützen, ihr Leid zu überwinden und das Leben in einer neuen Perspektive zu sehen, liegt für mich der Tätigkeit als Psychologin zugrunde. Mit klassischen, verhaltenstherapeutischen Methoden als “Handwerk” fehlte mir es jedoch immer irgendwie an “Herz”. Gerade in der westlichen Welt und vielleicht auch ganz besonders wir Deutschen, sind doch sehr verkopft unterwegs. Mit der Praxis der Achtsamkeit wird schlieβlich beides integriert: Heart and Mind.Oh and we also have a body (Link to the German YouTube Video: Mini-Body-Scan? English Version to follow): mit Achtsamkeit lernen wir seinen Signalen Aufmerksameit entgegen zu bringen. 

Ich absolvierte die Ausbildung zur MBSR – Lehrerin an der Universität Stellenbosch (Südafrika) (MBSR: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction oder auf deutsch: Achtsamkeitsbasierte Stressreduktion). Die Jahre vergingen und ich versuchte so oft sich die Gelegenheit bot, Kurse für Kinder, Jugendliche, pädagogisches Personal, Eltern und andere Mitarbeiter*innen in dem schulischen Kontext, in dem ich mitlerweile in Vollzeit arbeitete, abzuhalten. Allerdings war dies, nach meinem persönlichen Empfinden viel zu selten… Auch bemerkte ich, wie ich mich zunehmend wieder eingeengt fühlte, in diesem, doch recht unflexiblen Arbeitsalltag, den ich aus Deutschland nur zu gut kannte und eigentlich geglaubt hatte, mit der Auswanderung hinter mir gelassen zu haben. Dazu kam, dass ich mir eingestand, wie sehr ich Deutschland und Europa eigentlich vermisste! Aber mit meinem Angestellten-Job in Südafrika konnte ich mir es weder zeitlich (mit begrenzten Urlaubstagen) noch finanziell leisten regelmäßig nach Deutschland zu reisenW

A new direction

And underneath it all, frustration grew in me to work in a system where the institutional goals did not necessarily match my personal goals and aspirations. I noticed how my creative and playful side was becoming more and more stunted, and how I was mostly functioning only in auto-pilot. I soon realized I had to change something! Then came Corona and the pandemic showed us all in "neon letters" what in the world is in a mess, how indeed everything we thought was unchangeable can change from one day to the next and it became very clear to me what is really important to me - to spend my time with people, who are dear to my heart, to have an occupation in which I experience a deeper meaning and fulfilment by helping other people to come closer to their meaning and fulfilment and to continue to learn, understand and act together in a thoughtful way, in the service of creating a better, fairer world This was the point in time for me to make my decision: I dare to take the step to start my own business again! This time with more know-how, longer breath and a lot of courage!

You can witness how my journey takes its course on YouTube .
If you'd like to find out more details about my professional life so far, take a look at LinkedIn .